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Customer Service:Shipping/Returns

Restocking Fees for Returns

RC Scale Model will assess a 15% restocking fee for all returned merchandise, provided it is unopened and in perfect retail condition, and ready for subsequent resale.

Items returned that are not in retail condition may be rejected and sent back to you, postage COD, or, at the exclusive option of RC Scale Model, may be assessed a 50% restocking fee.

Refunds typically take 3-5 business days, from the date of issue, to show up on your account. We will give no refunds nor credits for returns that arrive more than 30 days from the date of our shipment to you.

Shipping damage refunds require the shipping companies determination that the item was damaged in shipping and not thru other means.

RC Scale Model Return Policy

For over many years, we’ve been making our customers happy.While we hope that you’ll love the products you purchase from us, we know sometimes this doesn’t happen. In most cases (except for defective or damaged merchandise), you can simply follow the instructions below and fill out our Return Form.We’ll process your return as quickly as possible, in the order we receive it. By following these easy instructions, you’ll help us give you the best service possible.
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Is Your Product New/Unused And In Its Original Packaging, And Has It Been Purchased Within The Last 30 Days?

Send us an email and describe the problem. We will get back with you quickly as to how to handle your issue. When emailing us, write in the quantity, stock number, description for the product(s) you are returning. If you are returning a DEFECTIVE item, please provide a detailed description of the product defect. All other merchandise returned must be in new, resaleable condition.

Please note that non-defective merchandise returned may be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Upon your contact with us by email, we will provide how and where to return the item.

*Is Your Product Defective?

If you have a product that is defective,  you must notify us of the defect with 3 days after receipt of th item.  Contact us by email describing the problem. We will respond quickly as to whether the item is in need of repair or replacement at no charge and provide information on how and where to return your item.

**Has Your Product Been Damaged In Shipping?

If you discover what you believe to be shipping damage, you must contact us within 3 days after receipt of the item.  Contacts for claims of shipping damage AFTER 3 days will not be honored.

Please keep in mind that although products are insured, the insurance company will not pay for damage as a result of damage done during unpacking or transport of the item by the customer to the airfield, lake or pond.

In order to get proper credit, merchandise that is damaged as a result of shipping should never be returned without contacting us first. Returning the item without contacting us, prevents an insurance claim as all damaged items must be inspected by the shipping company prior to a determination that the damage is a result of shipping.

It is very important to save ALL packing materials and paperwork.  Photos must be taken of the damaged product to include photos of the packing materials and label. Email all information to include photos of the damage within 3 days after receipt of the item and and we will quickly provide further instructions.

A representative of the shipping company must see the packaging and pick up the product. The shipping company will determine if the damage is related to shipping damage.

RC Scale Model does not make  determinations as to what is shipping damage or not.  That is done by the shipping company.

No refunds will be made until the shipping company has made their determination as to whether the damage was due to shipping.  This normally takes 2-3 weeks for this deterimation.  Your refund will be processed after the shipping company determines that the damage was due to shipping.

If the damage is small, and only to selected parts that can be easily replaced, we may, at our discretion forward you parts for the damage item.

Tell us how you want us to handle your return credit.

– If you wish to exchange the returned product for another product, list the quantity, stock number, description and price of the additional products in the space provided. Be sure to tell us how you’d like to pay for any additional charges, if there is a difference in price.When an order that earned a discount or used a promotional coupon is returned, the remaining balance is reviewed. If the order no longer qualifies for the discount, it will be subject to a chargeback to your account.
For your own protection, we advise that you insure your package but note that we do not reimburse for insurance or return shipping.